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Vajayjay Diaries Playshop - 
Real, Raw & Receptive...
Gathering of the decade - Ladies are you ready?
It's workshop meets the Vajayjay diaries show, morphing into the 'Playshop' platform - 
I know right, totally Sexy!

When I was in Las Vegas, Nevada this year, you know just doing my thang, smashing out one of my regular shows, but this particular one was a small intimate affair, and it dawned on me I need to do more like that, intimate, interactive and informative... I am listening, and now delivering to you the Vajayjay Diaries Playshop!

Have you ever asked yourself, is this a life of my choosing, or did life just happen to me?  

Wanting to turn back time? Pondering, how can you be like you were before the kids came along...

You know that sexy hot tamale ‘you were’ before the tiger stripes appeared, or the extra love handles and the lady lumps that suddenly appeared on your booty!

Confused with how to switch from a nurturing Earth Mother to the ultimate Sensual Lover, mystically morphing into the sexual temptress lying dormant in you, I know sexy as ever, right?!

Wondering why your sexual appetite or lack of appetite is all over the place, and not in alignment with how you want to feel within, or feelings of numbness, or even worst, the Ice Queen!

Sadly, those feelings stem from core beliefs of not feeling good enough, worthy enough, forever chasing the ideal to be whole and complete... arrgghhh Superwoman-Perfectionism!
How to be ALL of YOU ~ REAL ~ RAW ~ RECEPTIVE ~
Sprinkled with laughter, aha moments and some real takeaway Sex tips
Being a freak in the sheets seems simple, but have you ever wanted to know how to connect to heart space, getting in touch with your woowoo side, tap into your inner Genius, natural abilities and, whilst mastering the skills of having a strong sense of Self, and getting them working in unison?

So what’s next? How do you create change?”

The key is embracing Mindfulness, Self-Awareness and the Art of Open Communication. It’s about knowing how to ask and language what you crave and desire.

Good healthy relationships start and end with self-respect. By embracing your authenticity, the real you, you feel empowered.

When you love yourself, you look at things differently, expressing yourself without shame or guilt. Being mindful if you’re feeling depressed or anxious, don’t run away from those feelings, or pushing those feeling down, rather ask yourself what do you need. 

Patty-Ann spreads her message by bringing real, real, raw and receptive conversation out of the closet and to the forefront of our conscious mind. 

She empowers people to embrace their authenticity and express themselves without shame or guilt. 

Patty-Ann is a Sex-life, intimacy specialist and found when working with clients, there was a common pattern and belief… Over-thinking, taking life too seriously and forgetting to have fun!

In reality, Patty will inspire you with the bravery to embrace and to love wholeheartedly the beautiful Being that YOU are!  
So... do you want to join me, bringing our collective awesomeness together?
Friday, January 12th 2018
Registration @ 9.45am
Sexy High Vibes 10am to 1pm
Saturday, February 10th 2018 
Registration @ 9.45am
Sexy High Vibes 10am to 1pm
Friday, March 9th 2018
Registration @ 9.45am
Sexy High Vibes 10am to 1pm
Saturday, April 14th 2018 
Registration @ 9.45am
Sexy High Vibes 10am to 1pm
What some satisfied attendees are saying about Patty?
A few more tips they were so funny! It was very refreshing to see someone comfortable in their skin! 
Love the dating tips!! Thanks for your openness and giving me a great laugh. My Dad was a Gynaecologist and said ZIP! I’ve just left my 
22-year marriage, just what I needed. Bless you!
I loved how you talked about your Mom. I think you are so raw and authentic. I think your authentically and openness is really great especially regards adults toys, and intimacy. You are genuine and really open - I think that's the best! Thanks <3 
Thank you for your honesty. You are so genuine and I feel like you are so trustworthy. 
Patty YOU rocked it :) So amazing to see you’re in a space that is totally YOU!! To shine, to help others shine, to smile and be radiant. You have so many supporters, so many who were always there for you. It was always about allowing yourself to believe, and now I see you believe in you.
Patty is a vibrant, motivating and encouraging speaker, and a wonderful person, she has certainly changed my life!
  • You’re hilarious!! Great work Patty. 
  • More information on adult toys, intimacy & how to spice up the bedroom.
  • Well done Patty! 
  • It was fantastic and very, very funny and informative :)
  • Funny, authentic and quite organised.
  • Nice to around so much honesty and openness.
  • Brilliant personality and can light up any room she walks into.
  • Love your groove!! And Sexy vibes! 
Can Men attend or is it just for ladies? 
NO! It's Sisterhood time, a time to learn to love and understand our beautiful wild woman craziness, embrace our imperfections, and of course you our insecurities. 

Can children attend? 
NO! This time is for you Sexy Mama <3

Are you ready? It's your time to be playful with Patty-Ann...
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